So, you’ve heard about this Marriage Encounter thing and you kind of might want to think about going. Now what? There’s just this pesky little thing called “getting your spouse to agree.” Shoot. I mean, don’t actually shoot. That’s not what we recommend. We also don’t recommend lying, trickery, bribery, or tranquilizers of any kind.

But if you’re concerned their reaction might go something like this...

...keep reading for a few tips!


#1: Start with prayer. Pray for your spouse and for yourself. Pray for a softening of heart and a willingness of spirit for both of you. Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

#2: Be honest! Tell your other half how you really feel! It certainly can’t hurt, and you might be surprised by their reaction. Many times, if we are feeling something in the relationship, our spouse is, too. If you are worried about how the conversation will go, consider writing your spouse a letter about it. The written word will help you focus in on what you really want to say and give him/her a chance to process it before offering an immediate response.

#3: Remember (and help your other half to remember) that we can always work to be our better selves, and this is true for marriage, too! Nobody has a perfect marriage. Every couple on the planet can benefit from some time away to focus on each other.

Which leads me to…

#4: It’s a weekend away! Friends, do I even have to remind you that a Marriage Encounter weekend is usually at a hotel! For those of us with kids, do we even remember what those are anymore? For an entire weekend there will be nobody’s bottom to wipe but your own, no laundry to do, no meals to cook, and no one there to cry about how you cut their toast into triangles instead of rectangles because you are a horrible parent and you are ruining their life. I mean, what other convincing does a person need?!


#5: Testimonials! Did someone recommend Marriage Encounter to you because it was great for them? Use that! Maybe you have friend who has been on a weekend and that’s how you found out about it. Or maybe you’ve just read testimonials about the weekend–that counts, too! Did this post encourage you to get more info? Consider that my own personal recommendation! Most of the time a personal connection to Marriage Encounter will help get the job done.

#6: Alternate Options When Nothing Else is Working–
Put it in a fortune cookie
Subliminal Messaging (“My wife whispers in her sleep…it’s the weirdest thing”)

Dang it. Communication is hard.