Today we are featuring an insightful post from Rachel at Thriving Home!  If you haven't come across the Thriving Home blog, you've got to check them out!  They feature fantastic weekly meal plans (complete with shopping lists and sales!) and other uplifting stories and musings about real life with real families. I am always blessed by what Polly and Rachel have to say!  I came across this post about divorce a few months ago and thought it would be perfect to share here!  We got the go ahead from Rachel to post the beginning of her piece here on our blog.  But click through to read the whole really is worth your time!


"'Will you and Daddy ever get divorced?' My 6-year-old’s anxious question pierced my heart. It wasn’t the first time one of my children had asked this of me. I remember asking my parents that same question around his age.

How do I want to respond his question? What does my child want me to say? 'Never, sweetie! Never! Never! Never!'

I mean, my husband and I are both devoted Christians who took a vow 16 years ago to one another. We take that promise seriously, love one another very much, try to serve one another and work through conflict, and know we are accountable before God. But, is that enough? Can I really say we would never get a divorce?"

Click here to read the rest at Thriving Home